Learn to fly light sport planes or microlight aircraft with us! Learn to fly microlight aircraft with us or just join us for an adrenalin filled fun flight. The perfect place to learn to fly or simply to spend a fun filled day with your family.

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Meet the LIGHT FLIGHT instructor team

Geoff Dyer

Grade "A" Instructor on Light sport aircraft and CFI for Light Flight.

His flying background stems from hang gliding when it first came to South Africa in 1974. In 1987 Geoff bought his first Windlass Trike while he was a game ranger in Botswana. Not long after, he moved to Durban and began teaching people to fly trikes.

In October 1988 Geoff started Light Flight Flying Services, a full time microlight training organisation based in Cato Ridge airfield. Three years later, Geoff bought a 200 acre farm in Cato Ridge and named it Light Flight Farm. A runway 500 meters long was cleared, a 12 by 24 meter hangar erected and the flying school moved to the farm. Geoff’s dream of a full time microlight flying school complimented by eco friendly farming activities was becoming a reality.

Besides flying, the main thrust at Light Flight Farm has been to restore the original grasslands. To date about 30 acres of invasive alien vegetation in the form of lantana and bugweed have been cleared and indigenous grassland reclaimed. Wildlife is encouraged and a herd of indigenous Nguni cattle established. In May 2004, the Killarney Valley Conservancy was formed with Light Flight Farm as the Northern boundary.

Light Flight has seven hangars that can accommodate up to 40 microlights and Light Sport Aircraft.

Geoff Dyer's flying hours have passed 8400 with over 7000 hours of flying instruction. In 1996 he began teaching on three axis microlights and in 1998 began instructing on Jabirus, the first of the Light Sport Aircraft in South Africa.

Geoff holds Civil Aviation Authority Aviation Training Organisation number CAA/0083, which authorises Light Flight to train students and instructors on all types of microlights and Light Sport Aircraft.

Noel McDonogh

Grade "A" Instructor on LSA, weightshift, conventional controlled microlights, and WCM open and test pilot rating.

Noel McDonoghGrade "A" Instructor on LSA, weightshift, conventional controlled microlights, He has LSA test pilot rating and WCM open and test pilot rating.
Started flying hang gliders in 1993 and continued his hang gliding flying in Gauteng and Cape Town where he was based with the Airforce. Noel participated in numerous hang gliding competitions in Cape Town (Porterville) Gauteng (Hartebeesport Dam) and Nelspruit (Ngadwona) and came 2nd in SA Nationals in Graaf Reinet in 2000.
Noel has accumulated +/- 1000 hang gliding hours. In 2003 Noel then started powered hang gliding for an advertising company of which took him round the country. Noel accumulated +/- 250 powered hang gliding hours.
Noel Started microlighting towards the end of 2003 in Lamercy with Dave Daniels, then moved up to Pietermaritzburg where he continued his microlighting through Cato Flying School with Wayne Bond. He obtained his "C" grade microlight instructors rating from Geoff Dyer at Light Flight. Noel then moved to Light Flight where obtained his "B" grade instructor rating and now an "A" grade instructor on LSA, CCM and weightshift. In 2008, Noel had the opportunity to go to Jordan where he taught members, from the Royal Aero sports club of Jordan, to fly weightshift microlights.
Noel has over 1200hrs instruction on LSA and CCM and 800hrs instruction on weightshift microlights to date. Noel obtained his light sport aircraft test pilot rating and has his open and test pilot rating on weightshift control microlight through RAASA.

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