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Recreational Pilots Licence Course WCM, CCM & LSA

The following is a brief outline of the Recreational Pilots Licence course.

Click here for the current RAASA fees associated with your proposed training and licensing.

The Learner/student will do Lectures & exams on the following:

  1. Principals of Flight
  2. Aircraft Technical & General
  3. Meteorology
  4. Civil Aviation Regulations
  5. Navigation
  6. Category specific (LSA/WCM)
  7. Human Performance

The flying syllabus covers exercises 1-21 ¬Click here. (create exercises link with updated exercises)

People always want to know how long it will take them to learn to fly. This depends on many factors. Young people learn faster than older people, although they often do not have as much responsibility when it comes to flying. A 20 year old might typically complete the LSA license in 50 hours. Whereas someone in their 60’s might take 70 hours.

Students generally take 25-30 hours to go solo. Going solo early does not mean the person will make a better pilot than someone who takes longer to go solo.

At Light Flight the emphasis is on safety – we will not issue a flying license until the student is fully competent.

Light Flight has an online exam centre for the completion of the RAASA NPL exams.

Light Flight does not require any deposit before a flying course, you may pay as you fly. You may do a full time course, flying every day, or you may only fly once a week. Flying less than once a week can mean the student wastes time recapping.

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Advanced Flying Courses

On request, the instructors at Light Flight will give you advanced training to better your safety, ability and confidence as an LSA pilot. We will teach you to handle your fixed wing aircraft in un-natural attitudes, we will help you to land in small spaces and to become confident.

We will also teach you to land your aircraft with the engine switched off. Please book the advanced flying course with us at: info@lightflight.co.za

Below are the following exercises you can expect on an advanced flying course:

  • Steep turns
  • Precautionary Landings
  • Low level flying
  • Navigation
  • Bad weather rapid decent
  • Forced Landings under simulated engine failure
  • Short field landings
  • Thermal flying
  • Formation flying
  • Mountain flying
  • Radio procedures into controlled airspace such as Pietermaritzburg

Instructors Course

If you have in the region of 200 solo flying hours then you may apply to do the instructors course held at Light Flight under Geoff Dyers guidance. You will start off as a "C" grade instructor then after 200 instruction hours you are able to do an upgrade to a "B" grade instructor. Finally, after 500 instruction hours you can do the "A" grade instructor upgrade. As a PPL instructor wanting to convert to LSA you will have to phone RAASA to find out more details.

Light Flight was the first ligh sport school in South Africa to hold regular comprehensive instructor training.  These courses have been held at Light Flight since 1992. Over 100+ candidates have completed the course, many of them from the surrounding territories of Namibia, Malawi and Zambia.  There have even been a few from the United Kingdom and Germany.

The course is run at Light Flight farm in Cato Ridge and lasts a week.  Six to eight hours of lectures daily are given as well as instructor's flying patter by experienced full-time A-Grade instructors.  Examinations are then written and an Instructor's Flight Test is completed.

Light Flight do LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) 3-Axis Instructor training. The following is a brief outline of the Instructor Course:

  1. The make up of an instructor 
  2. The teaching process
  3. Airmanship

Lectures & exams on the following:

  1. Principals of Flight instruction
  2. Meteorology
  3. Airlaw
  4. Navigation
  5. Principals of Flight
  6. Human Performance Limitations


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NOTE: Anyone flying from or landing at Light Flight from other airfields does so at their own risk